Ever since I began creating my River® Collection in 2011 I continue to be extremely grateful for your tremendous support and enthusiasm for my work.  After only a few years from creating the first ever River® Table in 2011, starting in July 2014 my work became globally known throughout social media and has engaged supporters of my work creation, including collectors and art connoisseurs. Subsequently, my work was widely published in magazines and on prominent websites on every continent, causing my River® Tables to become extremely popular.  With the success of my original designs, regretfully, my work has become widely imitated, a matter currently being addressed accordingly.  I would like to reassure that each of my pieces you love and enjoy is signed & dated, as they have always been. Furthermore, I’ve recently begun to update my archives with all my previous work, adding protection to the value of your Greg Klassen Original. For all of you who purchased one of my pieces before 2018, I would kindly ask you to send me an email (greg@gregklassen.com) to update my archives of my original work with your most recent contact information. Within a few days you will receive an Official Greg Klassen Certificate of Authenticity.  While I continue to be humbled by the great interest to acquire my work, I remain committed to working as an independent studio artist & craftsman.  This means that your table or art piece remains part of a small and exclusive collection.  This personal approach means that I am not only able to create my functional art to the highest possible standards, but it also means I’m able to work near our home and remain the most present and committed husband and father to my young children as can be. I look forward to hearing from you.  

With utmost gratitude,

Greg Klassen